Library skill instruction in Nigerian academic libraries.

  • P.C Aziagba
  • E.H Uzoezi
Keywords: Library Skill, Library Use Instruction, Nigeria, Library in Tertiary Institutions.


This survey was undertaken to portray the level of library involvement in library skill instruction courses taught in Nigerian tertiary institutions. Survey instrument used involved construction and distribution of questionnaires. These were distributed to professional librarians. The result of the data analysis indicate that library skill instruction courses are taught in most tertiary institutions in Nigeria, but this has not attained a firm footing. Time allocated for lectures and involvement in the mode of students’ assessment is not determined by library instructors even when they are fully responsible for teaching the course. Allocation of time period for lectures and opportunity to be involved in assessment of students’ performance in the course has not been fully granted to the library skill instructors. Information technology is not fully developed in most of these tertiary institutions. It is only 13% of all the universities surveyed in this report that have reached 70% compliance in information technology. Consequently, not much has been offered by library skill instructors on the application of information and communication technology (ICT) to their users. However, there is visible and encouraging beneficial impact of library instruction on library user. The library skill instructors have awakened the interest of the students towards library use. The much they have done in all areas has had visible and encouraging results.

KEY WORD: Library Skill, Library Use Instruction, Nigeria, Library in Tertiary Institutions


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eISSN: 1596-6224