Enhancing Environmental Friendliness through Mobile Phone Learning

  • MN Chukwu
Keywords: mobile phone, m-learning, environmental degradation, environmental friendliness and gender.


Abstract: Mobile learning is any sort of learning that occurs when a learner is not at a fixed location or learning that takes place when the learner utilizes some learning opportunities offered by mobile technologies. M-learning technologies include handheld computers, MP3 players, notebooks and mobile phones. Mobile phone learning is a branch of mobile learning and is a relatively new concept which has attracted the interest of educators, researchers and developers of learning systems and instructional materials. Environmental friendly or eco-friendly refers to products or processes that are not harmful to the environment and people who want to protect the environment greens. The study investigated the use of mobile phones to increase students‟ use of mobile learning technology and to enhance environmental friendliness. Data was collected using “usefulness of mobile phone learning” questionnaire from a sample consisting of 30 male automobile apprentices and 30 female hair dressing apprentices in Iwaya community in Lagos, Nigeria. The students voluntarily participated in a four weeks programme using mobile phones to send SMS and jingles warning against environmental pollution, to transmit and exchange photographs of local environmental degradation. The participants learnt various ways to maintain clean environments which increased their awareness on environmental friendliness. Responses on the questionnaire differ significantly between genders.

Key words: mobile phone, m-learning, environmental degradation, environmental friendliness and gender.


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