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Conflicts between Fulani Herders and Farmers in Central and Southern Nigeria: Discourse on Proposed Establishment of Grazing Routes and Reserves

OE Okeke


Due to climate change, to massive land acquisitions by capitalist farmers, and mainly, to the perpetuation of the pastoral way of life in Nigeria, there has been a great increase in the presence of Fulani herders in central and southern Nigeria. This has resulted in frequent conflicts between the herders and farming communities. To deal with this problem, legislators from the northern region of Nigeria are seeking to acquire lands in all the states of Nigeria for the establishment of grazing routes and reserves for Fulani herders. This bill is being opposed by legislators and organizations representing or speaking on behalf of communities in central and southern Nigeria. This paper examines this issue. Among other things, the paper disputes the reasons adduced by northerners and other interests in support of the bill, and insists that cattle breeding in Nigeria must become a sedentary occupation.

Key words: conflicts, grazing routes and reserves, pastoralism, ranching.

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