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Journal of Academic Finance (JoAF) highly appreciates the reviewers kind support by agreeing to review an article for our journal. Kindly make sure you review the paper confidentially and avoid contacting the authors.

Before they are sent to reviewers, all Journal of Academic Finance (JoAF) papers are previewed by our editor-in-chief. The papers are also checked for their originality using a plagiarism software. However to our experience, there have been cases of plagiarism which the software has failed to detect. If you doubt the originality of any part(s) of the work, please inform the editor.

Journal of Academic Finance (JoAF) reviewers are requested to evaluate the articles based on a number of evaluative criteria available in the Review Form and to leave comments in the manuscript itself. These comments are very valuable for the professional development of any authors. Having reviewed the paper, the reviewer is requested to make any of the following decisions:
- Accept as it is;
- Accept with minor revisions;
- Accept with major revisions;
- Reject

Journal of Academic Finance (JoAF) papers are proofread before they are published, and the reviewers are by no means obliged to correct or mark language errors or typos. Reviewing is undeniably an invaluable and noble act, we cannot compensated it by any means.
Reviewers are requested to review the Review Policy of the journal before reviewing any paper.

Journal of Academic Finance (JoAF) Managing Editor is not involved in editorials decisions.

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This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

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This journal publishes twice annually. 

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