Nigerian Gospel Music in a Globalized Context

  • F Adedeji


Nigerian gospel music, one of the most popular musical genres in contemporary Nigeria started about four decades ago. It has influenced several aspects of the national culture and served as a means of livelihood for several artistes and music industrialists. In contemporary globalization, Nigerian gospel music has been „exported‟ to Europe and America through gospel artistes who travel abroad and through cassettes, CDs, VCDs and DVDs which cater specially for Nigerians in diasporas and the immigrants. Besides, observations have shown that Nigerian gospel music has contributed significantly to the development of gospel music at the global level in several ways. However, compared with the Euro-American, Nigerian gospel music differs in terms of theory, philosophy, style, compositional and performance practices. Also, in order to occupy its rightful place in global gospel music scene, a recontextualization of its nuances and packaging is inevitable. The present study assesses the contributions of Nigerian gospel music in the global milieu, examines its relevance in the globalized market and critically looks at the problems and prospects in global competition. It is also considered appropriate to seek positive ways in which Nigerian gospel music can by way of interculturality, be developed to enhance global social reconstruction.

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eISSN: 1597-0597