The role of mafuni in housing construction in informal settlements in Dar es Salaam

  • H M Nguluma


This paper discusses the role of mafundi in housing developments in informal settlements. Mafundi are the main actors in the process of housing construction. The fundi a “self educated architect”, has been playing the role of a formally trained architect and engineer in the informal settlements. Other actors in the process are house owners who play the role of clients in the construction process. This paper shows that although the role of mafundi is not supported by any public or private institutions as an important component in the construction industry, semi-skilled and skilled mafundi contributes substantially to the provision of housing for the urban population. The cheap and simple technology used in housing construction in low income areas, whether by way of building new structures, extensions or alterations, and the higher demand for housing in non industrialised countries increase the potential of mafundi. The paper illustrates that mafundi play an active role in supporting housing construction and transformation taking place particularly in low-income informal settlements. However, they are constrained by lack of sound technical knowledge and managerial skills.

Journal of Building and Land Development Vol. 13 (2) 2006: pp. 84-93

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eISSN: 0856-0501