Peer Review:

The Managing Editor reviews the paper to check if it fits with the theme of the Journal. He then assesses the paper if it was prepared according to the format provided by the Journal. Once he is satisfied, the paper is sent to two reviewers for assessment. The reviewers are given instruction for reviewing the paper. If the paper is accepted with MINOR MODIFICATIONS it is sent back to the author for addressing the comments. The author is instructed to send back the revised paper together with the comments given by reviewers showing how he has addressed them. After the revised paper is received, the Managing Editor, reviews the revised paper in the light of the comments given by reviewers. If the Managing Editor is satisfied that all comments given by authors have been adequately addressed the paper is sent for proof editing. If the paper is accepted with MAJOR COMMENTS it is resent to reviewers for checking if their concerns have been adequately addressed. If the reviewers are satisfied, the paper is sent for proof editing. If the paper is REJECTED reasons for rejection and suggestions for improvement for resubmission consideration are given to the author.

Publication Scheduling:

twice yearly

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0856-0501