Geotechnical characterization of an innovative soil stabilization product (Aggrebind/Road Master) usable in the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of road infrastructure and the construction of social housing in Cameroon

  • Conrad Dieudonné Bébé Ndi
  • Boris Nouaye
  • Michel Mbessa
  • Robert D. Friedman
Keywords: Geotechnical characterization, soil stabilization, Aggrebind / Roadmaster, road infrastructure, Cameroon


Building roads in developing countries has always been very expensive. An efficient and more affordable method is needed. AggreBind’s soil stabilization solutions, known as RoadMaster (RM1 / RM2) and AggreBind (AGB-WT/BT) are offered. The objective of the present study was to make a geotechnical characterization of this product with a view towards its use in the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of road infrastructure in Cameroon.
A series of laboratory tests were carried out; soil identification tests (particle size analysis, Atterberg limits), lift tests (Proctor and modified CBR test), determination of the optimum water content of the material, maximum dry density, immediate CBR index and the CBR index after immersion for 4 days.
Only the 95% OPM CBR test was carried out on the soil with the additive AGB-WT/RM1 in order to characterize the effects of the product on the soil.
In conclusion, AggreBind/RoadMaster can provide stable, dust-free roads and stabilized base courses for general roads and highways that meet or exceed the bearing capacity requirements of international road specifications. In addition, the use of this product reduces the cost of road construction by 40% to
60% and increases in-situ load bearing capacity by 400% to 600%.

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print ISSN: 2617-3948