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An evaluation of the provisions for the teaching of tenses in Integrated English Textbook series

J A Pinta


A text book is a book that treats a wide range of topics in a particular field. Both teachers and students rely heavily on the text book for the teaching and learning exercise. Because the text book has to treat a wide range of topics, it is a major tool in helping leamers to progress. This study examines the provisions made in the Integrated Engish Text book series for the teaching of the English verb tenses. It seeks to find out whether it is possible, while preparing students for examination, for the text book to provide sufficiently, all that is needed for the teaching of tenses. An inventory of the tenses treated in the text was taken, their adequacy of treatment based on the exercises used in their treatment, modality of treatment, voice, sequencing of the tenses and provision for curriculum spiral, formed the basis for evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the text book.

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