Journal of Educational Foundations

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Kants perspective of ethical issues internal to teaching in Nigerian education

C S Jimwan, O F Banda


This work examined the ethical issues internal to teaching with specific concentration to the code of ethics to teaching and education in general. The code is seen as what gives direction and guidance to teachers in teaching. It specifically talked about the believe of educators to the worth and dignity of human being which recognize the supreme importance of the pursuit of truth, devotion to excellence, freedom to learn and equal educational opportunities. The application of the code is viewed in the Nigerian teaching and learning situations and seen as to have many problems in its application. The problem of the application of the code lies in the way the teacher handles his leamers to how he relates to his colleagues in the profession and seen that the code has been violated as the learners are viewed as humans, without points of view, their dignity as humans is disregarded which hinders educational progress. Teachers are therefore adviced to take ethical issues that have to do with teaching serious for this will help in positive transformation of the lives of leamers.

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