Administrative strategies for prevention of tort of trespass, negligence and defamation in unity schools in Kebbi State: implications for school administrators

  • Sani Dantani Manga
Keywords: Tort; Trespass; Negligence; Defamation; Administrative Strategies


This study assessed the extent of application of administrative strategies for prevention of tort of trespass, negligence and defamation in unity schools in Kebbi State. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. Using all the existing three school. Out of the total population of 2,313 participants, a sample size of 330 respondents was purposefully determined. This comprised of 30 school managers, 60 teachers, 60 nonteaching staff, and 180 students selected through deliberate, stratified, systematic and simple random sampling techniques. A researcher designed, structured and expert validated instrument titled: “Administrative Strategies for Prevention of Torts Questionnaire” (ASPTQ) was pilot tested using test re-test method. A reliability index of 0.79 was obtained using Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient at 0.05 level of significance. A five-point scale was used to measure extent of performance. Trained research assistants were used to facilitate data collection. Simple frequencies, percentages and mean scores were used to analyze the data. It was found that while unity schools in Kebbi State did not perform satisfactorily in prevention of tort of trespass to person, yet they applied measures to satisfactorily prevent tort of trespass to school land, negligence and defamation. It was therefore recommended that the schools should develop strict rules against tort of assault and battery, and that staff found guilty of trespass to person should be sanctioned, while serious cases of tort should be referred to the courts for prosecution. Schools should be more vigilant in preventing cases of tort of negligence and defamation at all times.


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print ISSN: 1119-9210