Effect of heat treatment on the germination of seeds SOEL

  • Y M’Sadak
  • I Saad


The object of this work was to study the effect of thermal treatments (in the oven and in the compost) on the seed germination SOEL. The laboratory evaluation on the treatment in the oven berries at two temperatures (50°C and 60°C) for three exposure time ( one day, two days and three days) gave a germination rate zero for 60°C for an exposure time of one day. The spatio-temporal thermal monitoring of forestry compost windrow which was introduced to deal with berries SOEL showed a substantially homogeneous distribution of the temperature rising to 60°C and even longer swath stretching and used for a time period of 5 consecutive days. The germination rate was zero for all fruit seeds treated before the first reversal fact, regardless of the depth and location of the windrow considered that the berries were introduced. Thus, composting can be a solution to prevent the spread of SOEL by seed.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867