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Study of Polymorphism of Borovanadate Glass of Sodium by Raman Spectroscopy Low Frequencies

MK Rabia, M Mayoufi, L Grosvalet, B Champagnon


Sodium tetraborate (100 – x)(Na2B4O7.10H2O)– xV2O5, (x = 0 to 20 mole %) has been elaborated by splat cooling technique. Raman Measurements on the doped and non polish samples reveal the presence of the of α-NaVO3 crystal on the superficial layer. After polishing, Raman spectra characteristic of glasses are obtained with two main bands located at 555 and 1097 cm-1 in the undoped glass and four bands at 241, 381, 776 and 938 cm-1 for the vanadium oxyde doped glasses. The volume devitrification of these glasses occurs at 750° C and the β-NaVO3 crystalline phase is identified by Raman scattering.

Keywords: Oxide glasses, Non-linear optics, Raman scattering, XRD, DSC.
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