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The effect of addition of Nd3+ on dielectric properties of Pb[Zr0.45Ti0.45(Zn1/3, Sb2/3)0.1]O3 system

N Abdessalem, A Boutarfaia, M Abba, Z Necira


This work aims at, to study the influence of Nd3+ on the dielectric properties of a ceramics material of general formula: Pb[Zr0.45 Ti0.45 (Zn1/3, Sb2/3) 0.1]O3 and of structure perovskite. The selected samples were prepared by the method of synthesis with solid way. The study of the dielectric properties of the system showed that the values of the permittivity, the resistivity, increase with the addition of  Nd3+ 1%.

Keywords: Ceramics PZT, Dielectric Properties, Polarization.
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