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Contribution to the development of a simulation software performance and sharing ratio in liquid-liquid extraction

A Hadj Seyd, T Lanez


The present work is to develop software to predict the value yield and the distribution coefficient in the process of liquid-liquid extraction of components of a mixture, from mathematical models expressing these entities, based on equations equilibrium between liquid-liquid phases, and predict the conditions under which the extraction operation is favorable, unfavorable or impossible to realize, by studying the variation of the entities cited, based on the parameters influencing the extraction, which are: initial concentrations, rate of solvent and pH, in the case of a simple extraction (extraction of neutral products) or when it is reactive (extraction of complex acids or bases) for one or more components. The programming language used is "Delphi" which is a very powerful oriented object programming under Windows.

Keywords: Liquid-liquid extraction, sharing, efficiency, partition coefficient, share ratio, solvent, solute, Delphi.
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