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Evaluation of the inhibitory effectiveness of three ferrocene derivatives for corrosion of steel XC70 by spectroscopy of electrochemical impedance

O Rahim, A Ben Chenna, T Zaiz, K Chaouch, T Lanez


In this work, we studied the efficacy of corrosion inhibition of carbon steel X70 in HCl 1M solution using ferrocenyl compounds prepared in VPRS laboratory, these compounds are: N-(férrocenyl méthyl)-2-nitro aniline(Fc12), N-(férrocenyl méthyl)-3-nitro aniline(Fc13) and N-(férrocenyl méthyl)-4-nitro aniline(Fc14). The inhibitory potency of these compounds was determined by the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). The overall results show that these compounds have varying percentages of inhibition. The adsorption of these compounds on the surface of the metal is a chemical adsorption. In HCl 1M, the compound Fc12 had the best ability of inhibition  at a concentration of 70ppm (R = 91.24%).

Keywords: corrosion, carbon steel X70, inhibition, ferrocene derivatives, adsorption isotherms EIS, and acid HCl 1M.
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