Effect of Climatic Factor on the Mechanical Behaviour Of Aeolian Blades: Application of Hybrid Composite Materials

  • F Mili
  • A Lekrine
  • L Bouyaya
  • F Bourouis
Keywords: Wind blade, Hybrid composite, Temperature, Moisture, Failure


The great interest which the wind power brings in the development of the various economic sectors   encourages to contribute in the improvement of the hydrothermal and mechanical performances of the blades  of wind rotors with horizontal axis. The use of composite materials involves a profit of substantial weight,   strength to the directional constraints that the blade will undergo during its work and a reduction of the   aerodynamic and mechanical losses. The adoption of composite materials with unidirectional reinforcement  carbon/epoxy makes it possible to get for the structure a high wear resistance and a reduction of the   phenomenon of bearing pressure created around the airfoil of the blade moving relative compared to the speed  of the wind. The evaluation of the behavior of such composites with [+θ/- θ]4S stacking sequence, with the  combined effect of the temperature, the moisture and the tensile effort constitutes the principal axis of this  contribution. In order to minimize the costs, our analysis will direct towards hybrid composite materials  glass-carbon/epoxy being presented in the form of symmetrical laminates [+Θ/0°]2S and antisymmetric   [+Θ/0°/90°/-Θ]. The results obtained showed that their use contributes to the improvement of their   thermomechanical behavior by involving profits of performance, weight, cost savings and energy.

Keywords: Wind blade, Hybrid composite, Temperature, Moisture, Failure


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eISSN: 1112-9867