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Optimal Management for Waters for the Production of Electrical Energy

A Bensalem, A Oudai, A El-maouhab, A Bouhentala


The hydropower management along a short-term planning horizon is a determinist problem, which  consists in determining the amount of water to be discharged from each reservoir of the system over the  defined planning horizon so that to meet the hourly load demand assigned previously. The prime objective  here is to perform the operating policy with the lowest use of water; which is achieved by avoiding spilling  and by maximizing the hydroelectric generation, besides satisfying all operating constraints. The maximization of electrical power production is achieved by maximizing the heads. Consequently, this  allows maximizing the reservoirs content. To solve to the deterministic hydropower management problem, we use the discrete maximum principle. While solving the equations relating to the discrete  maximum principle, we use the gradient method. However, to treat equality constraints we use  Lagrange’s multiplier method. To treat the inequalities constraints we use the augmented Lagrangian  method. The developed algorithm gives a satisfactory solution for the problem and turns out to be very efficient.

Keywords: Hydropower management, Optimal short-term scheduling, Potential energy, Planning horizon, Discrete maximum principle, Augmented Lagrangian method
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