Effect of the Space between Two Glasses on the Solar Sensor Performance of Plan in Double-Glazed Collector

  • MLB Guehza
  • A Kaabi
Keywords: collector solar, doubles glazing, space, performance


The work presented in this paper is a contribution to the theoretical study of the impact of space between the protective glass and the glass through the performance of a solar plan double glazing. Under the climatic  conditions in the region of Ouargla Algeria. The study was carried out using a mathematical model obtained by  writing the laws of conservation of energy in the system. Type of day June 15, 2008 at Ouargla. To simplify the  system of equations of energy, we use the finite difference method with an implicit scheme. The algebraic  system obtained and solved by the iterative Gauss Seidel, the program is inscribe FORTRAN. We also took  into account the variation of the angle of incidence and refraction of solar radiation in terms of time and its  influence on the coefficients of transmission, reflection and absorption.

Keywords: collector solar, doubles glazing, space, performance

eISSN: 1112-9867