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Study and Realization of Device of Solar Sensitive Tracking for a Prototype of Cylindro-Parabolic Concentrator

A Gama, C Larbes, A Malek, F Yettou


After the realization of a new prototype of concentrator through, we have study the realization of a sun tracking system in order to assure the best system efficiency throughout the day. We started in the first step by the  blind sun tracking where we have acquired the good results. In this paper we try to speak about the realization of a new system of sun tracking who is the sensitive sun tracking. In this sort of tracking we have used a  special telescope, like a sensitive element in for the detection of sun position. An electronic Card based PIC microcontroller is realized to pilot the mechanic system of the san tracking. In order to controlled the  prototype we have put on a chain of data acquisition. The results were compared with the results of the blind sun tracking system and the stationary position, it was noted that the results were better this time and the efficiency is very important.

Keywords: Concentrators Systems, Thermodynamic Solar, PIC Microcontroller, Sun Tracking Strategy.
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