The Use of Solar Energy in the Desalination Sea Water in Agricultural Greenhouse

  • T Tahri
  • A Bettahar
  • M Douani
  • S Al Sulaiman Abdul-Wahab
  • H Al-Hinai
  • Y Al Mulla
Keywords: Seawater greenhouse, Condenser, dry bulb temperature, relative humidity, seawater temperature, humid air flux, seawater flux, Sultanate of Oman.


The limited resources of fresh water in arid areas like the Middle East and North Africa MENA have led to the use of poor quality water in irrigation agriculture. These can reduce crop yield and environmental damage.  Agriculture accounts for 70% of overall consumption in freshwater. Given the evaporation phenomena that  occur in arid regions, this figure rises to 90%. This study focuses on the concept of combining the greenhouse  with the desalination of seawater This concept is intended for small scale applications in remote areas where  only saline water and solar energy are available.  The main objective of this research work is to analyze the  production of fresh water using solar energy in the desalination of sea water in the greenhouse. This operating  system is in need of thorough study of evaporators, condensers and design of the greenhouse. Desalination,  combining the greenhouse to the use of sea water while exploiting the phenomenon of condensation of water  vapor in the air, seems to respond positively to the needs of agricultural irrigation.

Keywords: Seawater greenhouse; Condenser; dry bulb temperature; relative humidity; seawater temperature; humid air flux; seawater flux; Sultanate of Oman.

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eISSN: 1112-9867