Optimization of Aeolian Energy Conversion Optimisation de la Conversion de L’energie Eolienne

  • Y Soufi
  • T Bahi
  • MF Harkat
  • M Mohamedi
Keywords: touhami-lanez@univ-eloued.dz


The use of renewable energy increases, because people are increasingly concerned with environmental issues. Among renewable, wind power is now widely used. Their study showed that a value of wind speed, there is a maximum mechanical power supplied by the turbine. So, power is supplied are particularly changes with  maximum speed. However, the objective of this paper is to present an algorithm for optimal conversion of wind energy based on a criterion optimization that must maintain specific speed of the turbine at optimum speed which corresponds to the maximum power provided by the steady wind turbine. To this end, the object  is to preserve the position of any static operating point on the characteristic of optimal. To validate the model and algorithm for optimal conversion of wind energy, a series of numerical simulations carried out using the software MatLab Simulink will be presented is discussed.

Keywords:  Renewable Energy System, Modelling, Synchronous Generator, Simulation.