Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences

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An exploration on the synthesis and bio-applications of derivatives of heterocyclic Mannich bases

PS Manjula, BK Sarojini, B Narayana, CG Darshan Raj


The Mannich reaction is a three-component reaction of an aldehyde, a primary or secondary amine and a  ketone which is one of the most powerful C-C bond forming reactions in organic synthesis. It leads to β-amino  carbonyl compounds, which are useful for the syntheses of nitrogen containing compounds, such as natural  products and medicinally relevant compounds. The versatility and potential of these compounds to introduce  both functional and structural diversity using the Mannich reaction have stimulated the creativity of chemists. Keeping in view of the importance of this organic moiety in the field of medicine and biology here an attempt  has been made to review the synthesis and biological importance of heterocyclic Mannich base derivatives.

Keywords: Amines, β-amino carbonyl compounds, Biological activity, Heterocyclic Mannich base derivative, Ketones, Mannich reaction.
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