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Synthesis of new Schiff bases as materials for the design of photovoltaics cells

S Kasmi-Mir, M ElKebich, Z Dembahri, A Haouzi, G Kirsch


We describe the synthesis of new organic Schiff bases chromophores 5 containing a rhodanine-3- acetic as electron accepteur moiety. Imines 3 were obtained by a condensation reaction from a lead molecule, the aminothiazolinethione 1 with versatile commercial aldehydes. The structure of all the compounds obtained was determined by the spectroscopic methods (IR, 1H NMR and 13C NMR). The study of UV-Vis imines 3 and 5 in methanol exhibit the phenomenon of π delocalized electrons responsible for the bathochromic effect.

Keywords: Aminothiazolinethione; iminomerocyanines; chromophores; rhodanine; bathochrome effect
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