A critical study of fuzzy logic as a scientific method in social sciences

  • A. M. Ebrahimi
  • A. Shojaeezand
Keywords: fuzzy logic, social science, critical review, scientific method.


The logic of the social sciences, from its inception, has been certain and classic. By advent of Fuzzy logic, gradually making use of it was common because of frequent capabilities and
applications that in resolving problems of this science was been attributed to it. Changing of logic in a science or epistemic system has many consequences that affect other components. This paper attempts after studying of this logic and identifying its consequences, answer to the fundamental question: "Does fuzzy logic adhere to the requirements of the scientific method?" The findings of this study show that Fuzzy logic doesn't have basic and necessary features of a scientific method and in other words it cannot be considered as logic alongside of other logics.

Keywords: fuzzy logic; social science; critical review; scientific method.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867