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Optimization of microgrids based on controller designing for islanded operation

F. Arefi
H. S. Unesi
S. Ruzbehi


The power quality of microgrid during islanded operation is strongly related with the controller performance of DGs. Therefore a new optimal control strategy for distributed generation based inverter to connect to the generalized microgrid is proposed. This work shows developing optimal control algorithms for the DG interface that guarantee stable and high power quality injection under the occurrence of network disturbances. In this paper, two typical distributed generation (DG) units are connected in parallel to configuration the Microgrid. One of DG units has voltage- frequency (VF) controller loop and other has active-reactive (PQ) power controller loop that based on the conventional PI regulators. Through simulation in Matlab by selecting appropriate genetic algorithm is designed to tune the parameters Kpi and Kii of the PI controllers, the performance of the system to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed methodology.

Keywords: Optimization; Microgrid; Controller; Distributed Generation; Island.

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print ISSN: 1112-9867