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Conservation of leather historical object by nano technology in archaeology found (sample study cover leather book)

H. Khamseh


Leather is one of the most materials are used in historical object from prehistoric up to now which obtained from animals skin. There are organic materials that are very sensitive to change environment especially humidity and temperature. The most important damage in organic materials were known biological damage that caused to destroy leather objects very fast and it is beyond retrieve. The goal of this research is pre conservation leather of bacteria and fungi. This paper examines the conservation of Antibacterial by Nano materials in the manufacture of leather and the implication of such a processes deteriorated of aging leather. As a sample study to improve this process historical cover book is used. Experimental methods are SEM EDX, Cultural Bacterial, Nano materials such as Nano silver and Zinc oxide. The experimental advantage and disadvantage of this outcome shows that Zinc Oxide is better than Nano silver for leather objects.

Keywords: leather; conservation; antibacterial; nano; damage.