Examine the impact of the changes in style of polymer fibers concrete full of strength

  • P. Kavandi
  • S. Abdollahi
Keywords: Fiber concrete polymer fibers, concrete style, full of strength, the percentage of polymer fibers in concrete, the polymer fibers in concrete


Today , an increase of strength and form any more uses the most important and most construction materials , concrete, a large number of researchers and practitioners concern in this paper also based on experiments impact of the fibers changes took place in the style of the strength of concrete full - reinforced polymer fibers has been studied . Study on the impact of the fibers change shows that in order to achieve high strength of concrete Fiber major factors and significant change of the fibers, including a significant impact on the maximum tension is obtained. Also compared the style of the strength full - reinforced polymer fibers with optimum length concluded with concrete normal as a result of the change, and more tangible face was visible. In this study several tests on various types of light - fiber - reinforced concrete strength and different percentages of fiber and results figures and tables application.

Keywords: Fiber concrete polymer fibers; concrete style; full of strength; the percentage of polymer fibers in concrete; the polymer fibers in concrete.

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eISSN: 1112-9867