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The relationship between organizational culture and moralism of principals in junior schools of high schools

M Soleimani, R Jahanian


This study aimed to investigate the relationship between organizational culture and principals' moralism in junior schools of high School, which was conducted by descriptive correlation method. The sample size of this study consisted of all principals in junior schools of high Schools in district 3 of Karaj city that according to the latest data, the number of them was 135 people. A sample size using a complete census, were determined 135 respondents. In order to measure the variables used in the study, three questionnaires of organizational culture of Fi and Denison (2003), principals moralizing of Emadifar (2009) and Karlshown et al, (2011) were used. Content validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by experts. Reliability of the questionnaire was estimated based on Cornbrash's alpha coefficient, as 0.86 and 0.88 respectively. For the analysis, descriptive and inferential statistical methods (Pearson correlation and stepwise regression) were used. The findings showed that organizational culture and all aspects of it - engaging in work, consistency, adaptability and missionprincipals' moralism of junior schools in high schools in district 3 had a significant positive correlation. The results also showed that the dimensions of involving in the work, adaptability and had ability to moralizing mission prediction of principals.

Keywords: organizational culture, ethical leadership, principals' moral behavior
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