The relationship between participatory management and empowerment with organizational commitment in physical education teachers

  • N Farahiyanfar
  • M.R.E. Ghandehari
Keywords: Participatory management, empowerment, organizational commitment, physical education teachers


The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between participation and empowerment and organizational commitment in secondary school physical education teachers. The study population consisted of all physical education teachers in Bandar Abbas, who in 1393 was equal to 225; Because of the limited population size, the research was conducted by census method. Field data collection was done by direct reference to the research community. The questionnaire Moqimi participatory management, empowerment, Spreitzer (1995) and Allen and Meyer's Organizational Commitment. To test the hypotheses, Pearson correlation coefficient and multiple regressions were used. The results showed that between participative management and empowerment of physical education teachers have a significant relationship with organizational commitment. Between participative management and empowerment among physical education teachers there is a city of Bandar Abbas. Participation in goal setting and positive organizational commitment predicts that the cumulative effect (Beta=0.123, P<.01). Participation in decision making in a positive way to predict the organizational commitment and cumulative effect (Beta=0.379, P<.01). Also contributing to the positive transformation of organizational commitment and increased its forecasts (Beta=0.157, P<.01).

Finally, participation in problem solving and positive organizational commitment predicts the cumulative effect (Beta=0.205, P<.01). Also feel significant and positive organizational commitment predicts that the cumulative effect(Beta=0.111, P<.01), Competence in a positive way to predict the organizational commitment and cumulative effect(Beta=0.117, P<.01), Also positively impact organizational commitment and increased its predicted path (Beta=0.157, P<.01), The feeling of self-determination for positive organizational commitment and increased its predicted path(Beta=0.167, P<.01), Finally feel confident in a positive way to predict the organizational commitment and cumulative effect(Beta=0.209, P<.01)

Keywords: Participatory management; empowerment; organizational commitment; physical education teachers


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print ISSN: 1112-9867