Study official non- concentration system benefits by emphasize to Sapan

  • E Molaee
  • K Emadzadeh
Keywords: Bureaucracy, centralization, decentralization, integrity, Japan


Administrative system of each country is essential with direct contact with the people of the importance and credibility. The huge volume of government services through various government departments, so having a coherent administrative system, efficient, transparent and accountable government and policy makers always a problem for any society is considered. In administrative law, govern the country with two systems will be common in all parts of the world, the second focus of the center. Administrative focus of the running and administration of a society in which there is usually the center of gravity. And approaches to administrative reforms with the help of laws and regulations and the actions of other countries in order to create efficient and effective administrative system to be studied.

Keywords: Bureaucracy; centralization; decentralization; integrity; Japan


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