Impact of brand personality on satisfaction and loyalty of consumers (case study: luxury brands of watches in the city Isfahan)

  • A.R. Adinehfar
  • A Gayem
Keywords: Brand, Brand Personality, Satisfaction, Customer's Loyalty


The purpose of this research is to review the impact of various dimensions of brand personality which includes: honesty, qualification, being exciting, perfection, and strength on customer's satisfaction and its impact on customer's loyalty. The statistical population of this research includes customers who have used luxury brands of watches in the city Isfahan. For selecting the sample of this research, a number of 150 questionnaires were distributed and ultimately, 135 questionnaires were analyzed. The validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by the industry experts. Also, the validity of its content was confirmed by the KMO test. The reliability of this questionnaire is 0.922 for the variable customer loyalty, 0.934 for customer satisfaction.

For the change of brand personality, we reviewed its indexes and the reliability of the index brand honesty is 0.762, 0.767 for being exciting, 0.745 for brand qualification, 0.770 for brand perfection and 0.898 for brand strength. The hypotheses were reviewed by using the first-order and second-order factor analysis, path analysis method and by using the LISREL 8.54 and SPSS 18. The results indicate that the independent variables which include dimensions of brand personality (honesty, qualification, being exciting, perfection and strength) have a positive and significant impact on the dependent variables including customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Also, the rate of impact of each of the variables on one another is calculated.

Keywords: Brand; Brand Personality; Satisfaction; Customer's Loyalty


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print ISSN: 1112-9867