Relationship between power resources and organizational culture in Aras free zone

  • M Ebadisharafabad
  • M Rasouli Gharetapeh
  • T Mousaloo
  • Z Rasouli Gharetapeh
Keywords: power resource, legal power, reward power, expertise power, referential power, organizational culture


This study intended to survey the relationship between power resource and organizational culture in Aras Free Zone. Statistical population consisted of all employees of Aras Free Zone (N=950). Samples population is selected using simple randomly method and Morghan table (n= 275). Methodology of this study is allied one objectively; it is a descriptive-survey in terms of data gathering method. Two standard questionnaires including organizational culture and French and Riyon power resource were used to gather data. Cronbuch Alpha coefficient value to calculate reliability was 0.79 and 0.89 respectively. It was used from Pearson correlation coefficient to analyze data. Findings showed that there was positive and significant relationship between power resource and organizational culture. Also, there was direct and significant relationship among legal, reward, expertise, referential power and organizational culture, while there was no significant relationship between compulsory power and organizational culture.

Keywords: power resource; legal power; reward power; expertise power; referential power; organizational culture


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 1112-9867