Investigating the characteristics of Shahriar’s poetry

  • F Mina
Keywords: Shahriar, language, style of poetry, verses of Quran, Hafez


Seyed Mohammad Hossein Bahjat Tabrizi, known as Shahriar, was born in 1906 in Tabriz. He was one of the poets who composed poetry in different formats, but he is best known for his Ghazals. After a review of Shahriar’s life, this paper briefly explores his language and poetic style. Then, the relationship between his poem and verses of Quran and his devotion to the Imams (PBUH) will be investigated. Another issue discussed in this article is his interest in the poets before him and imitation of their styles. He had a special devotion to Hafez Shirazi and composition of some of his poems was inspired by Hafez poems. That is because his association with Hafez poems improved the vitality of his poems.

Keywords: Shahriar; language; style of poetry; verses of Quran; Hafez


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