The mechanical characteristics of polymer concrete using polyester resin

  • A Ghiami Bajgirani
  • S Moghadam
  • A Arbab
  • H Vatankhah
Keywords: polyester, compressive strength, strain-stress behavior, bond


Polymer concretes depending on the type of used polymer have good mechanical characteristics like high compressive strength and strain- stress proper behavior and increase lifetime and strength against concrete environmental factors. Therefore, they can be used for strengthening and retrofitting reinforced concrete structures.

This paper investigates the compressive strength of polymer concretes, strain-stress behavior, elasticity modulus and bond of polymer concrete to cement. Also is compared cubic and cylinder specimen of concrete cement and polymer with different percentages of polyester. Results showed that polymer concrete with 18% polyester has the highest compressive strength and the best strain- stress behavior and in terms of bond to concrete shows proper functioning.

Keywords: polyester; compressive strength; strain-stress behavior; bond


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 1112-9867