Using of colleague learning mobile agents for protecting the confidentiality of mobile agents in a multi-agent environment

  • S.M.M. Ebrahimi
Keywords: Mobile agents, security, confidentiality, learning, cooperation, mobility, duplication


With the growing use of the internet network, using tools that can help user to transact with the network is inevitable. One of the technologies that has been taken into consideration recently and has been used is the mobile agents technology mobile agent is software that can take an action independently and autonomously as an assistant to a person or to an organization. Mobile agents are used for searching information, data recovery, filtering, detecting obtrusive in the networks, games and entertainment, etc. one of the discussed issues related to the mobile agent is their security issue. For effective use and keeping mobile agents security various security issues must be taken into consideration. One of these issues is to keep the mobile agents confidentiality. In this paper, at first, by reviewing the existing methods, advantages and disadvantages will be investigated. In this paper, by taking advantages of the mobile agents features such as cooperation, learning, mobility and duplication, one effective method is presented to keep the mobile agents confidentiality.

Keywords: Mobile agents, security; confidentiality; learning; cooperation; mobility;duplication


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print ISSN: 1112-9867