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Environmental architecture: the role of sustainable structures in futuristic buildings

O Rahaei, S Derakhshan, N Shirgir


At the beginning of the 21st century the term of “sustainable architecture” became the focus of many architectural debates. To approach sustainability, it is important to postpone the “end of life” of buildings. In this regard the structures of buildings play a significant role and the term of “sustainable structure” is therefore introduced. This paper is going to explain the term of “sustainable structure” in some case studies, and explores strategies toward obtaining sustainable structures. This article which is derived from an interpretive-historical research has a systematic methodology and the analysis is implemented in a deskwork process. The construction strategies in the fields of “Efficacy”, “maintenance” and “end of life” issues are considered. The considerations are concentrated on the structural members and materials in those buildings. Finally the paper proposes some outlines in design of futuristic structures.

Keywords: Environmental Architecture, Sustainable Structure, Efficiency, Maintenance
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