Evaluation of social capital in historic urban tissue (Case Study: The historic tissue of Kerman city)

  • A Najmeh Eshaghi
  • B Hamid Mohammadi
Keywords: Historic tissue, Social Capital, Comprehensive Development


Today Social Capital as one of the most important comprehensive development factors is a key concept in new attitude to urban planning and management. In this attitude, planning is based on human resources, social capitals and collaborative participation. The social capital in historic tissue is considered from two aspects of view: 1.Increasing realization of development plans related to this valuable tissue 2.Gradation in social status of this tissue among society. Studying the concept and importance of social capital, this research evaluated the extent of social capital in historic tissue of Kerman city by means of AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) technique and through four indicators of Trust, Social Participation, collaboration and Sense of Security. The method of current research is applied, the data is collected by desk study and the survey is done by interview and questionnaire.

Keywords: Historic tissue, Social Capital, Comprehensive Development


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print ISSN: 1112-9867