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Adaptation of theatrical elements of nezami ganjawi: a case study on the ballad of khosrow and shirin

M Amiri


Nezami was one of the most skilled writers of Persian poems and ballads, not only he had his own signature style but the impact of his style is evident on the works of poets not contemporary to him. Nezami had sufficient knowledge about the popular sciences of his time (literary sciences, astronomy, Islamic sciences and the Arabic language), and his vast knowledge is evident in his body of work. He could be considered as a master playwright, because his masterpiece “The Ballad of Khosrow and Shirin” is amongst the best plays ever written, thus every adaptation of this masterpiece might result in an original and good quality creation. This paper tends to analyze some theatrical adaptations of the mentioned ballad, in order to examine their types of approach to this invaluable play.

Keywords: Ganjawi, theatrical elements, Khosrow and Shirin, adaptation
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