Exploring the cyclic loads conditions on behavior of modified connector plate of steel frame CBF

  • M. Fathi
  • H. R. Amiri
  • H. A. Rahimi
Keywords: Gusset Plate, Plasticity, Buckling, Brittle Failure.


One of the disadvantages of convergent steel frames, is loss of strength of this brace under cyclic loading. Studies in recent years show that in the event of changes in raw form Gusset plate sheet, and the creation of suitable geometry and as well as the type of consumable materials used for it; initial conditions can be provided to increase ductility and resulting increased in energy dissipation. Braces as earthquake resistant elements in different ways are applied to cope with lateral forces of earthquake. One important element of these systems is Gusset plate sheets which plays an important role in the transmission of lateral forces. The behavior of these members can be investigated under tensile and comprehensive loading uniform. The pressure behavior due to its complexity and more failure modes have been less studied. According to investigation conducted, the desired failure mode of Gusset plates under the pressure is surrendered. However, in most cases the connection sheet under pressure surrenders to bucking load and cannot be lodged with the brittle failure and the result does not show good ductility. In order to change the dominant failure mode and delaying bucking of stiffeners Gusset plate the stiffness and changes in their geometry are used. In this study, using Abacus software to evaluate the impact of changes in plate Gusset and the stiffeners edge of sheets have been examined. The results obtained indicate that the postponement of bucking curves in the modified connector plate and thereby improve behavior of connector plates under the pressure forces and also represents the high configurability of modified connector sheets.


Keywords: Gusset Plate, Plasticity, Buckling, Brittle Failure.

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eISSN: 1112-9867