The study of nano technology utilization in upgrading the quality of construction industry with fire-engineering approach

  • F. Hatami
  • S. H. Mousavi
Keywords: Nano technology, passive defense, building material.


Today, the first requirement for increasing quality and strength in construction industry is utilization of appropriate and high quality materials so that usage of these materials, in addition to reducing maintenance costs and also upgrading the structure's longevity, in engineering respect through change on weight reduction and increasing strength in used materials, can cause general strength of the structure against earthquakes and probable runs due to natural disasters. This requirement is very significant in passive defense scope and this task will be considered in used material in main structure of a building and also in used materials in its frontage and in terminology elaborate work. Given that one of the effects of fire on the building part and parcel of passive defense, so, this look from the perspective of fire engineering is also of particular significance. Wide studies have been performed in this ground and various factories are trying to increase their produced materials quality in today competitive world with utilization of various technologies. One of technologies considered today is Nano technology which in fact by changing the molecular structure of a material causes creating special properties in it and utilization of these properties can answer needs of producers and users for increasing quality, longevity, strength and weight reduction. In this study, it is tried to introduce materials produced by Nano technology which have special properties like resistance against fire, settlement and weight reduction and increasing resistance in tolerance of strike and injected loads to the structure in defensive point of view in civil engineering scope.


Keywords: Nano technology; passive defense; building material.

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eISSN: 1112-9867