Evaluation of structural systems in precast concrete buildings by using strut-and-tie method

  • S.Vakili Haji Agha
  • M.Pasha Zanussi
Keywords: structural systems, precast, strut-and-tie method, concrete buildings.


In general, the precast concrete is the type of concrete that constructing, casting and curing in the standard factory conditions with high quality and then it will be transported with proper equipments and then it will be installed in the final position. In fact, the precast concrete buildings are the combined of several types of structural systems. So we can mix them with several methods until to reach the useful structural system. Because the structural connections and connecting regions of precast concrete elements, are subjected to concentrated forces with high values, so in this article we try to explain the usage of tie-and-strut method and the possibility of using this method in design of existing connections between precast concrete components.

Keywords: structural systems; precast; strut-and-tie method; concrete buildings.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867