Risk analysis of the sea desalination plant at the 5th refinery of south pars gas company using Hazop procedures

  • K. Rezaei
  • V. Aziznezhad
  • A. Chenani
  • M. Tabibian
  • M.R. Mozdianfard
Keywords: HAZOP, hazard identity, sea water desalination unit, risk, gas refinery.


Developments in designs complexity in the last two decades, has underlined the need for a comprehensive and systematic method capable of identifying and evaluating the process hazards. Amongst various methods presented to date, hazard and operability study (HAZOP) has received a considerable attention in the development of chemical and process industries. In this study, hazards in the desalination unit of a gas refinery in Asaluyeh, south of Iran was evaluated, using the PHA-PRO6 software, for which recommendations were made to avoid potential risks involved. Based on 8-years history of the refinery operation, maintenance records, accidents, safety vulnerabilities of the plant were evaluated. Employing the existing techniques and standards as well as installing appropriate flow control devices could ensure maintaining a normal operating pressure, which will in turn reduce pump stoppage and the unit being less out of service due to water flow shortage. Based on the HAZOP study results expressed here, the start-up procedure was also modified and problems associated with design, several mechanical parts and pipe lines installed were identified and adjusted.

Keywords: HAZOP; hazard identity; sea water desalination unit; risk; gas refinery.

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eISSN: 1112-9867