Quantitative comparison of ammonia and 3-indoleacetic acid production in halophilic, alkalophilic and haloalkalophilic bacterial isolates in soil

  • M. E. Torbaghan
  • A. Lakzian
  • A. R. Astaraei
  • A. Fotovat
  • H. Besharati
Keywords: Alkalophiles, haloalkalophiles, halophiles, 3-indoleacetic acid, nesslerization method, salkowski method.


In order to measure the concentration of ammonia production via corrected Nesslerization method and 3-indoleacetic acid as Salkowski method in halophilic, alkalophilic and haloalkalophilic bacterial isolates, soil samples were collected from six different areas of Khorasan Razavi and bacterial isolates isolated and purified using different growth medium accordingly. The alkalophiles isolates showed maximum ammonia production (0.055%) among the three groups of bacteria which this amount was 9.5 times of its average in haloalkalophiles isolates (0.0058%) and 13 times of ammonia production average in halophiles (0.004%). Mean comparison of the concentration3-indoleacetic acid production in three groups also showed that the most isolates of halophiles, alkalophiles and haloalkalophiles were IAA producer with 0.0003, 0.0001 and 0.0021percent respectively that the IAA amount in haloalkalophilic group was about 6 and 14.5 times of it in halophilic and alkalophilic isolates respectively. Equations to predict the concentration of ammonia and 3-indole acetic acid production was only significant in the haloalkalophilic isolates for ammonia production (P=0.046) and halophilic isolates for IAA production (P=0.015) under effect of electrical conductivity and pH in 0.05 probability level. Results represented that the multiple regression analysis for prediction of ammonia and IAA concentrations producing by isolates had not any significant performance in high and low concentrations under effect of electrical conductivity and pH. It seems that the uses of the two sensitive measuring methods (Nesslerization and Salkowski) after some modifications show promises and are recommend able in research due to their ease of implementation and relatively accurate results.

Keywords: Alkalophiles; haloalkalophiles; halophiles; 3-indoleacetic acid; nesslerization method; salkowski method.

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eISSN: 1112-9867