Participation of people in waste source separation program

  • F Razavian
  • B Khoshmanesh
  • S Izadyar
Keywords: Waste, Separation at source, People participation, Azimie


One of the basic problems of current cities is solid waste and its correct management. Solid waste material is the unavoidable product of routine life of human being. These wastes affect the quality and quantity of life in the present era. Increased population, development, human activities and shortage of resources have caused the solid waste management a necessity. Waste reduction management and its separation at source are performed with the citizens’ participation. The present study aimed to evaluate the waste source separation and determine the participation of citizens in Azimie of Karaj city in Alborz province, Iran.

This study is questionnaire based and to achieve the study purpose, question-based questionnaires are distributed randomly among 100 citizens of Azimieh. The data were analyzed. Based on the results of study, in separation at source activity, 70% of people participated and the highest participation was via media and teachers. 100% of subjects were inclined to participate in this program. The effect of this plan was 90% and effectiveness of this plan from economic, social and environmental aspects was high.

Keywords: Waste, Separation at source, People participation, Azimie


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eISSN: 1112-9867