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Evaluation of beetroot changes during drying with hot air by digital images

F. Behrouzifar
S.A. Shahidy


Foods drying are an important operation in processing and increasing foodstuffs shelf life and many factors effected on products efficiency and quality during drying. Deterioration of texture structure and products color changes depends on drying method and air temperature and air rate. Drying or removing maximum water of the product conducted by the purpose of Increasing durability life and its quality. In addition, product's color must be regarded, because the most Important Factor for attracting customers and consumers oration considered as Importance of this Subject. Beetroot advised for daily consumption due to its Vitamin C and traces Such as Rubidium, Cesium for decreasing blood pressure and coronary vascular diseases and its water is the most favorable drink in the world market. The purpose of this study is creating suitable statistical model from the mentioned process and evaluation of the product color and tissue. In this study, the process by using hot air flow has been conducted for beet and its changes Investigated by the help of digital pictures and processing technique that up to now no special Investigation has been conducted. For this, used hot airflow for drying in this experiment in which Temperature and air flow rate is adjustable. The product color change has been conducted by digital Imaging. Drying process conducted for reaching confidence level by more than 3 iterations in 3 temperatures 50, 60, 70°C with 3 fan rates 300, 600 and 700 RPM. In order to evaluate Home colorful parameters changes, mentioned processes have been conducted by three Iterations in determined Imaging Intervals. Finally, by using factorial statistical plan and Tookie test and Image j software, moisture changes rate, color parameters changes (L, a, b and ΔE) evaluated, respectively. Target of this study considered as the best and most optimal drying condition by hot air for a beetroot product sample with the highest quality.
Keywords: drying with hot air, color changes, shrinkage, beetroot.

Evaluation of beetrootchanges during drying with hot air by digital images

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