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Applications of SSAFT EOS for determination of the solubilities of solid compounds in supercritical CO2.

A. Bagheri Hamidreza, B. Fijani Fatemeh, C. Vafa Nooshin, D. Halimeh Ghanavatiyan, E. Yahyanejad Mahdi, F. Mohebbi Ali


Using statistical thermodynamics such as Simplified SAFT equation of state (SSAFTEoS) for estimating phase equilibrium and fluid properties of different materials have been used widely. SSAFT EoS has been developed for associative and non-associative compounds. At high pressure inter molecular forces are very important, on the other hand, in spite of the fact that SSAFT EoS has strength theoretical foundation, it can predict the behavior of high pressure systems. In this research, four solid solubility of benzoic acid, naphthalene, pyrene and Phenanthrene in supercritical carbon dioxide have been studied, SSAFT EoS has been used for modeling. At the end the results have been compared with experimental data. The highest and the absolute average deviation error (AAPD), for carbon dioxide - Phenanthrene and benzoic acid - carbon dioxide systems have been reported 2.22 and 4.43 respectively.

Keywords: SSAFT EoS; Supercritical carbon dioxide; Solid compounds; Solubility.
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