Mobile phone social harms (mobile phone, communicative device or crime tool)

  • H Farnam
Keywords: mobile, social harm, crime, factors causing crime, other inventions


One of the human inventions created in order to facilitate life but it became scourge for him is mobile phone. Ignorance on quality of using mobile phone and conscious use of it in inappropriate way will have consequences that it seems that it gradually becomes as social problem and harm. Author of this paper aims to warns against risks and harmful and abnormal consequences of it since he believes that mobile will be a factor for crime as several crimes are occurring currently through this communicative tool that some of them will be discussed in this paper. Then, author has provided some recommendations at the end of paper in two sections related to government (three branches) and people (users). This study is a review paper in which data were collected by using library method and author has used of relevant papers, books, and reports.

Keywords: mobile; social harm; crime; factors causing crime, other inventions


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eISSN: 1112-9867