The survey of pedestrainization feasibility in urban spaces and its relationship with the citizens’ vivacity. Case study: The city of Birjand’s Hakim Nazari street

  • M Alimardani
  • M Aftabi
  • A Dehghani
Keywords: building sidewalks, vivacity, urban spaces, Hakim Nazari Street


The current article aims at the survey of the feasibility of transforming Hakim Nazari Street to a walk way along with the social vivacity and it is seeking to find an answer to the question proposed in the current research project which states that “whether Hakim Nazari St. has the potential to be changed into a side walk causing a higher deal of social spirit?” and it is also in search of proving the study hypothesis  implying that “it seems that Hakiim Nazari St. is capable of being transformed into a side walk with social vivacity through taking all its potentials and capabilities into practical use”. Firstly, we deal with the survey of the specialized contexts and try to extract the scales and standards of building sidewalks feasibilities and likelihoods and its relation with the citizens’ vivacity through making use of a descriptive-analytical method and in the form of documentary-library researches and after that the extracted items have been investigated and evaluated through field studies and questionnaire and interviewing with the space users. The questionnaire has been designed structurally in two parts of pedestrian-oriented indicators and indices and the citizens’ vivacity and joyfulness and the questionnaires have been distributed
in 6 days (all week days) and various hours (morning, noon, night) to 320 people from both male and female genders with an age range of 15 to 65 years and from different social classes and groups (residents, businessman and woman, space users) based on a systematic randomized method on the street and finally the questionnaires have been collected and the data extracted thence have been   analyzed. The current study indicates that Hakim Nazari Street based on the
sidewalk indices and because of scoring 2.23 from the total of 3 points has the potential to be changed into a sidewalk and the study hyyupothesis has been  confirmed following the researches and investigations carried out.

Keywords: building sidewalks, vivacity, urban spaces, Hakim Nazari Street


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eISSN: 1112-9867