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Effect of combined teaching method (role playing and storytelling) on creative thinking of fourth-grade students in the course of heaven gifts

T Delarami Zadeh, D Barahoyie, GH Delarami, B Ahmad


Background and Purpose: Storytelling promotes imagination and satisfies curiosity in children and creates learning opportunities in them. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of combined teaching method (role playing and storytelling) on creative thinking of fourthgrade female students in the course of Heaven Gifts.
Research Method: This quasi-experimental study was conducted with pretest-posttest design with control group on 60 fourth-grade female students in primary schools of the city of Khash in the academic year of (2013-2014) who were selected randomly. Students were randomly assigned to experimental and control groups (30 students in each group). Research tools included Torrance creativity questionnaire (1989). The data were analyzed by independent ttest and analysis of covariance at significance level of 0.05.
Findings: The results showed that the teaching method of role playing/storytelling has significant impact on the creative thinking in general as well as flexibility, innovation and fluid of fourth-grade female students. But the mean score of creative thinking in the in the development aspect after the intervention in students of control and experimental groups did not differ significantly.
Conclusion: Based on these findings, we recommend teachers to use the teaching method of role playing and storytelling in the classroom to develop creative thinking in students.

Keywords: creative thinking, combined teaching method, storytelling, role playing.
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